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Vocals: Jens Thommek

Guitar: Lukas Kappmeyer

Guitar: Maik Althoff

Bass: Marius Wortmann

Drums: Fabian Kraus

Professionally, CONFUSING PARADISE started 2019 as an instrumental line up. However, in the long run the Band always had the intention to find a suitable singer. Through the first successes of the instrumental songs on Spotify, the Band were finally able to find the ideal singer in the person of Jens Thommek in 2020 to complete the album with vocals.

The first single with vocals called "Skylla" was released at the end of 2020. The complete album "Qualia" was released 2021 and had huge success on Spotify which lead to more and more Live Shows with finally new Members. Marius Wortmann joined at the Bass and Fabian Kraus helping out at the Drums.

Beginning a new chapter the Band is looking forward to release the new single "Overthinking". It will be released on 22.07.22 with an official musicvideo!!!

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